Sharks announce new leadership team

Dear Members,

I wish to advise you that the Board has appointed me as group Chief Executive Officer of the Sharks Football and Leagues Clubs.

There has been strong interest in the CEO role over the last few months and the Board was genuinely impressed with the calibre of candidates nominating for the role. We took our time to review the path ahead and believe the most important thing for the Sharks at this time is stability and a team which can continue to drive performance, strengthen our financial position and deliver on the program we have in place.

As a result, I have agreed to step down from the Board and take on the CEO role.  Steve Mace, who was my deputy on the Board, steps up as Chairman.

It means that, as we continue with the redevelopment of the Leagues Club, the merger with Sporties at Kareela and our temporary move to Netstrata Stadium at Kogarah, we already have an established leadership team in place so it’s business as usual.

We will deliver this program and ensure you, the members, have the world class club you deserve.

Going forward, I want to hear more of your ideas and feedback so we will be holding regular “town hall” meetings where you can be heard.

And I want to make one thing clear.  Forget what you may read or hear about our club.  We are strong and we are going nowhere.  We are not relocating.  We are here for the long term.

In fact, we will emerge from the next two years – where there will undoubtedly be challenges – stronger than ever.

Steve and I have worked closely together on the Board.  We know each other well.  Our dynamics are good.  It is our job to steer the club through the redevelopment phases and the transition over the next two years whilst still continuing to improve our financial position, our balance sheet and explore further opportunities so that the Sharks emerge as a real force in the NRL.

I am honoured and delighted to lead our great Club and certainly look forward to working with the entire Sharks team, the Board and you our members as we continue to build upon a great platform and cement our future.

Best Regards

Dino Mezzatesta