New Smoking Laws from July 6, 2015

From July 6, 2015, new smoking laws restricting smoking in and around commercial outdoor dining areas and at ‘pedestrian access points’ will be implemented across licensed venues in NSW.

Where will smoking be banned and what does this mean for Sharkies Leagues Club?

The law prohibits smoking in and within a 4 meter distance of all commercial outdoor dining areas. This means that anyone wishing to smoke will have to do so 4 meters away from any outdoor dining areas.

Smoking is also prohibited within a 4 meter distance of ‘pedestrian access points’. For Sharkies Leagues Club, this means that smoking will be banned at at all entry and exit points. Patrons wishing to smoke will be required to do so 4 meters away from all club entrances and exits.

Licensed venues will also be prohibited from serving food for immediate consumption in designated smoking areas. However, sealed packaged food and beverages will not be affected by the ban.

If you would like to know the designated smoking areas at Sharkies, please ask our friendly staff. For further information regarding the implementation of the smoking laws at Sharkies Leagues Club please see the Duty Manager or email

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