The new SHA-KEE Restaurant coming to Sharks

The Sharks Leagues Club is set to unveil a new dining option with the opening of the SHA-KEE Chinese Restaurant on November 27

The SHA-KEE, a new restaurant offering a mix of modern and traditional Chinese and Asian menu options, is set to open at the Sharks Leagues Club later this month

Replacing the King Wan on the Club’s third floor and complementing the downstairs Bay Bistro, the SHA-KEE will trade six days per week, from Tuesday to Sunday, including all NRL game days.

The long-standing and highly respected King Wan will close its doors on November 11, with the SHA-KEE to open on November 27.

Creatively named SHA, meaning Shark in Chinese and KEE, traditionally used in Hong Kong meaning ‘the mark of’, the SHA-KEE will feature a striking new look including a revamped entrance and bar area and dark blue, black and light blue themed styling.

Proprietor Michael Chau is second generation Chinese, with a background in the corporate world but also with vast experience in the restaurant industry.

Mr Chau was excited about the new venture and looking forward to opening the doors to the SHA-KEE.

“I want to make the SHA-KEE a destination point,” Mr Chau began. “The SHA-KEE will bring a mix of modern and traditional food offerings, while looking at value for money, without sacrificing the quality. Key dishes as well with the traditional dishes people come to expect, but with quality being the key.

“We will have experienced staff providing excellent service, as I believe it’s also customer service that brings the people back,” he added.

The introduction of the SHA-KEE sees the end of a long association with the King Wan, a restaurant synonymous with the Sharks for many years.

As explained by Elie Bassil, Business Development Manager for the Sharks Leagues Club, the new partnership with the SHA-KEE is an exciting change, however it is tinged with a little sadness as the Sharks and the King Wan go their separate ways.

“The transition between the Sharks, SHA-KEE and the King Wan was smooth, transparent and civil,” Mr Bassil said. “They have long provided outstanding food to our members and guests and we are indebted to them for their service.

“The time was right for both of us to move on and we thank them and wish them well in their future endeavours.

“At the same time, Michael and the SHA-KEE are very committed, have vast experience and credibility in the industry and will provide an excellent dining experience,” he added.

The soon to be open SHA-KEE is a continuation of a recent Sharks Leagues Club makeover, going along with the modernisation of the front reception area, new carpeting and furniture in the main Steve Rogers Bar and the Bay Bistro area.

Stay tuned to Sharks and Sharks Leagues Club websites and media channels for booking and contact information and opening times for the new SHA-KEE Chinese Restaurant