As the winner of the Sutherland Holden-Sharks Holden Captiva competition, Peter Phillips was understandably excited when he drew the winning key from the barrel in front of wife Joanne, children Katelyn and Scott and a large crowd of members at Sharkies Leagues Club on Tuesday.

That excitement level went another notch when Mr. Phillips was presented with the real keys to his new Captiva 5 by Sutherland Holden Dealer Principal Lee Matenga and Sales Manager Steven Blakeborough at the Sutherland showroom.

Sharks NRL stars Ben Barba and Sam Tagataese were on hand to congratulate Mr. Phillips and watch him drive away with his outstanding prize.

Still coming to terms with his win, Mr. Phillips on taking ownership of the car could only offer; “It just doesn’t happen. I can’t believe I’ve won a prize like this.”

The Holden Captiva competition saw SHARKS members earn entries swiping their cards upon entering the Club or when spending $5.00 on food and beverages. 37 finalists were given the opportunity to choose a key to unlock the safe which contained the keys to the Holden Captiva.

Much to his amazement, as just the third person to pull a key out of the barrel, Mr. Phillips picked correct key and the rest is history.

“I think I’ll just leave my old Commodore here,” Phillips added before driving away.