Code of Conduct


The Club relies on the commitment to ethical, moral and transparent behaviour of its people; the code of conduct serves to clearly enunciate the values and behaviours
expected by those who represent it.

How we behave sets the character of our Club. How we conduct ourselves determines if people want to support us, join us and are proud of us.

The Code is designed to help us make the right choices. It provides further detail of how each and every one of us should act to stay true to what’s important to us in accordance with our values of:

  • People
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Fun
  • Integrity
  • Respect

The Code describes the standards of conduct expected by our people both employees and contractors. It provides a set of principles to guide our decisions and actions.

The principles making up the Code are:

  1. We act with honesty and integrity
  2. We comply with laws and with our policies
  3. We do the right thing by our members, our guests and each other
  4. We respect confidentiality and do not misuse information
  5. We value and maintain our professionalism
  6. We work as a team
  7. We manage conflicts of interest responsibly.

Those principles operate in conjunction with our values (outlined above) and our policies and operating procedures and depending on your role with us, the Code of Conduct of the NRL and any specific codes of behaviour.

At the heart of each of the principles is the imperative to uphold the reputation of the Club. We all have a role to play in ensuring that the Club’s reputation is strengthened and not harmed by our conduct, whatever work we do and wherever we are located.

The Code has the full support of the Board and the Executive Team and we take compliance and the Code very seriously. If you breach the Code then you may face disciplinary action, including termination of your employment.

You also have a responsibility to report immediately any breaches by a colleague to your manager or team leader or Human Resources. Do the same even if you are unsure if there has been a breach.

Our Whistleblower Policy outlines all reporting channels, as well as the process for raising concerns anonymously.